Organization Objective:

  • To promote the vision of Open Knowledge, Open Data, Open Education, Open Research, Open Economic, Open Science, Open Government Data and so on.
  • To organize the local and global events, programs, workshops related to Open Knowledge.
  • To incubate local working groups and control their operations smoothly.
  • To work with government and organizations conjunctively.
  • To empower citizens and aspire other least developed countries to look upon us.
  • To collaborate with local and international open network to proliferate our boundaries.

Open Knowledge Institute

Open Knowledge Institute is a network of data literacy practitioners, individual or organization, coordinating and implementing training as well as data literacy activities in Nepal. We work to empower civil society organizations (CSOs), journalists, civil servants and citizens with the proper skill-set to gather, collect, analyze and finally use it as per the requirements.

The effective use of collected data is to create thriving, equitable and sustainable societies. We develop resources and train students, journalists, government officers, civic hackers, entrepreneurs and collaborate together to get the prudent product out of it.

Open Knowledge Project

Open Knowledge Project is an institution for innovative open data ideas, where we research, develop and deploy them to attain sustained method or tools to mitigate real-time problems, such as MyLocalBudegts, PublicBodies Nepal, Open Transit etc. Those developed tools are designed according to the Nepal’s environmental perspective. Merging data and technology to curtail social and economic aspects is much-needed agenda to cope with in terms of least developed country like ours. Our ongoing projects has clearly depicted the objective of Open Knowledge Nepal. We have also outlooked the niche areas of data, the process for continuous outflow and access it all over the world to generate possible economic value, social upliftment and a step ahead sustainable development.

Open Knowledge Research

Open Knowledge research team of Nepal have followed some Open Research models to study the scope and constraints on various working areas such as open data, open science, open access and open hardware etc.  In terms of Nepal, we believe that this program can be more relevant and effective measure to depict the accountability and transparency of developmental projects. Not only, we do analyse those collected data but also publish articles, journals, white papers and so on as of reliable source of information to the civil society. Those informations can act as a valuable resource for planning and development.