Team | Open Knowledge Nepal
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Kshitiz Khanal

| Chairperson |

Kshitiz Khanal is the Chairperson of Open Knowledge Nepal. He has an academic background in mechanical engineering and sustainable energy planning. He is currently involved in research about using Open Data to achieve Sustainable Development Goals and also practices as a mechanical design consultant. He believes in solving pressing problems through open and interdisciplinary innovation. His major areas of interest in Open Knowledge include open data, open science hardware, and open education.

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Nikesh Balami

| Chief Executive Officer (CEO) |

Wanna be a Civic Entrepreneur, Lone Traveler, and forbearing Listener, Nikesh represents two non-profit organization - Open Knowledge Nepal and Code for Nepal, both working to improve digital literacy and open data sector of Nepal. He is a strong supporter of Open Source Software and believes in the vision of Open Knowledge to empower citizens regarding technology usage and Open Data. He serves different open communities of Nepal as a volunteer and his main mission is to create transparent and accountable society by using the potential of civic technology. He kills his frustration and enjoys his success by writing an article, essay, poem, and blogs. With gifted Event Management and Research skills, He loves Coordinating, Communicating, Team Building, Brainstorming, Blogging and Tweeting. He had completed Diploma in Computer Engineering and currently pursuing his bachelor degree from Purbanchal University. Nikesh is a Shuttleworth Flash Grantee 2016 and U.S. Embassy Youth Council member 2017/18.

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Prakash Neupane

| Strategic Officer (SO) |

Prakash Neupane is the strategic leader of organization. His role is to make plans, buildup strategy and implement, evaluate and adjust them as per the requirement. He started his journey of open knowledge by taking role of Ambassador at early stage. The team will be able to fulfill the core objectives with his visionary guidelines.

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Shubham Ghimire

| Chief Operating Officer |

Shubham Ghimire serves as the Chief Operating Officer of Open Knowledge Nepal and is responsible for the day-to-day operation and general management of the company. Shubham is a computer science student pursuing his undergraduate degree from Tribhuwan University. He is a strong advocate for the open data movement along with overall open programs campaign in Nepal. He considers himself as an Open Knowledge Activist who is also committed towards the Open source, open data awareness programs, and campaign. In fact, he oversees the project management for Open Knowledge Nepal while also being involved with various other open communities of Nepal. His efforts are dedicated to empowering the people by bringing accountability and transparency in governance. He also dedicates his time in various researches and is a competent programmer.

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Sagar Ghimire

| Chief Technical Officer (CTO) |

Sagar Ghimire is Chief Technical Officer at Open Knowledge Nepal. He is an IT professional and an open source enthusiast with an extensive experience in web development and passionate about using web technology and open data to make a better future for everyone. He has been working as a freelance web developer. Likewise, he is also a strong supporter of knowledge sharing and social entrepreneurship. To ensure to attain all the academic knowledge, he has completed diploma and currently an active student of B.E computer engineering.

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Firoj Ghimire

| Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) |

Firoj Ghimire is an enthusiastic promoter of open knowledge in Nepal. He have worked extensively in diverse open data projects. He is an outspoken advocate for openness and aims to revolutionize the society through its practice. He is currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in computer science and information technology.

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Anjani Phuyal

| International Affairs Officer |

Anjani Phuyal is the International Affairs Officer of the Open Knowledge Nepal. His role is to build international relations by coordinating with international organizations working in the similar arena. He will also be responsible for promoting awareness on Open Knowledge among Nepalese community and organizations around the globe. He has completed his Masters degree (MSC Computer and Network Security) with distinction from Middlesex University London. With his international exposure and public relation, he will help the organization to flourish, innovate and sustain.

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Anita Phuyal

| Social Empowerment Officer (SEO) |

She has completed her Masters’ in International Business Management from University of West London in 2011.She has been overwhelmed by the technological innovations since then. Apparently, 9 to 5 job couldn’t stop the need of exploration instead that motivated her to look outside the box emancipating her concerns towards rural set of lives especially related to women through MA Rural Development degree. Following to that, after being part of Information Technology industry for years, she has officially demonstrated her zeal towards open source society by being RHCSA and RHCE certified very recently. As the matter of fact, she is en-route to outreaching women participation and involvement in open knowledge. Last but not least, she believes that open government data doesn’t only increases transparency and accountability of the government but also builds participatory governance for overall developmental operations to be undertaken inside the country.

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Rajesh Khadka

| Developer Advocate |

Rajesh Khadka manages various projects of open knowledge Nepal from the very beginning of it’s establishment. His core interest is in Front End Development and UI/UX Development. Currently, he is an active developer advocate for open knowledge Nepal. He has completed his Bachelor Degree (Computer Science And Information Technology) from Tribhuvan University, Nepal.