Nepal SDG Monitor 

Nepal SDG Monitor

Project Leader: Kshitiz Khanal

Status: Ideation and Consultation 


An open data platform to collect data required to monitor progress in SDGs by crowdsourcing from civil society and other organizations.

 What problem are we trying to solve?

Nepal made considerable progress in Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Development goals of the world, led by UN, are called Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). SDGs need constant monitoring to track progress. Tracking SDGs is needed to ensure nations meet committed goals. Since there are 17 different goals, further differentiated into more specific sub-goals, tracking SDGs is a big task that needs data from most domains of sustainable development.

In short:

  • SDGs need to be tracked to ensure nations meet their goals
  • Tracking SDGs may be cumbersome. It needs data from different domains.
  • Nepal government has neither allocated any budget nor there are any programs made public regarding tracking progress in SDGs

 What is a tangible solution to this problem?

We are going to make an online portal where data related to all SDGs will be aggregated and made open. The data needs to be updated as regularly as possible.

 Since there are many domains we need data from, we need participation from organizations and people working in those domains.

Specially in developing countries, there is less probability that the government will already have a defined mechanism, set up, and resources to track progress in SDGs.

What are the challenges? Can we overcome those?

The solution needs different types of data that can only be available from numerous sources. So this initiative needs participation from government, CSOs, and citizens working in different fields. The challenge is involving all these organizations in this initiative to contribute data, and to contribute the data regularly.

The initiative will have to start with few organizations and few datasets, but it will continue adding more data sets and more contributors.


What are the immediate steps that need to be taken?

  • Search for organizations relevant to indicators of SDGs
  • Invite them to join the initiative

What type of information do we need to collect? To what extent can the information be crowdsourced?

E.g. in education people can collect information of student enrollment in schools of different places of Nepal. The same can be true of different datasets for different indicators. We will include and corroborate data from multiple sources.

Issue of validation of data: Upload pictures, sound clips along with data.