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Open Data Handbook Nepali Version

Open Data Handbook Nepali Version is the localized version of Global Open Data Handbook.

Nepal SDG Monitor

An open data platform to collect data required to monitor progress in SDGs by crowdsourcing from civil society and other organizations.

Nepal Open Data Index

Nepal Open Data Index is a crowdsourced citizens perspective online survey which measures the openness of key data published by Nepal Government’s local bodies.


MyLocalBudgets is a portal which tracks down Nepal Government data related to the financial transaction like budgets, spending, balance sheets, procurement etc and publishes them in an interactively visualized way, which are easily understandable, customizable and usable from anywhere without any kinds of restriction.

PublicBodies Nepal

PublicBodies Nepal is a crowdsourced online directory, which will bring together all the contact information and documents relating to public bodies in Nepal and will provide a URL for every body of government in Nepal. This will help Government and Citizens to cut out duplication of activities.

Election Nepal

Election Nepal is a crowdsourced open portal that brings all kind of Data related to Nepal’s Local Election together in Open and Visual Format. Portal will consist interactive visualization and infographics, which will help both national and international parties to get to know about the state division and the status local election.

Local Boundaries

Local Boundaries brings the detailed geodata of administrative units or maps of all administrative boundary defined by Nepal Government, in open and reusable format, free of cost. The local boundaries are available in two formats (TopoJSON and GeoJSON) and can be easily reused to map local authority data to OpenStreetMap, Google Map, Leaflet or MapBox interactively.