Open Knowledge Nepal — A nonprofit organization!!

Nikesh Balami

Nikesh Balami


Fri Jun 30 2017

Open Knowledge Nepal — A nonprofit organization


After working for almost 4 years in various Open Knowledge fields as an open, volunteer-led community, we are now proud of announcing ourselves as a registered organization, as an officially registered non-profit organization under Nepal Government, Company Act 2063. The registration number of Open Knowledge Nepal at Office of Company Registrar, Tripureshwor is 16071/073/074 and the Permanent Account Number (PAN) registration number of an organization is 604373948 under Inland Revenue Department, Nepal. With an affiliation number 44888. Open Knowledge Nepal is also registered as a social welfare organization at Social Welfare Council, Lainchaur, Nepal.

We would like to welcome now all national and international organizations to be part of openness journey. We strongly believe that knowledge is power. We want to see the world where information helps deliver a balance of power; where we are free to make our own choices with key information and insights available to all. Power can only be held through the openness of key information as inconsistencies will show up more clearly and inefficiencies will be exposed in no time. With the latest research being publicly available, there is more potential to understand its tangible issues and the probable measures to be taken to curtail challenges such as poverty, uneven development, climatic change etc.

The concept of openness is critical: meaning that information is free for anyone, anywhere, to use for any purpose, so that everyone – citizens, scientists, activists, entrepreneurs – has access to the information they need. Recent developments in information and communications technologies are offering new ways for content to be published, connected, discovered and used.

As an organization we want to make sure that everyone in Nepal has free and open access to the key information, empowering themselves to be able to make decisions about their own lives based on the information that wasn’t available before.

We are the working group of Open Knowledge International in Nepal, founded in February 2013 by Ambassador Prakash Neupane.

Our Objectives:

  • To promote the vision of Open Knowledge, Open Data, Open Education, Open Research, Open Economic, Open Science, Open Government Data and so on.
  • To organize the local and global events, programs, workshops related to Open Knowledge.
  • To incubate local working groups and control their operations smoothly.
  • To work with government and organizations conjunctively.
  • To empower citizens and aspire other least developed countries to look upon us.
  • To collaborate with local and international open network to proliferate our boundaries.

Please feel free to contact us ( if you have any questions and queries about the use of the brand. We would also like to thank everyone who was part of our journey directly and indirectly.