Specialized Technical Services

We love free and open source software and prefer to write the fewest lines of codes we can by using existing technology. Most of the tools we have developed to help with common open data problems are also open source and are freely available on our GitHub.

We encourage everyone to reuse our code to make their own services and if necessary we also provide the needed guidelines. We help people to solve the technical, social and legal challenges of opening up data. We are specialized in providing data-driven services and technical expertise for collecting, storing, analysing, and visualising data of all kinds.

Specialized Technical Services
  • Data Portal or Data Management System

    Data Portal or Data Management System

    We help agencies from all over the world to build comprehensive data portal or data catalog to manage their produce data using the various open source software. We also provide service regarding the portal migration and upgrade. We love using CKAN the most.

  • Data Analysis And Harvesting

    Data Analysis And Harvesting

    Our expert team of data and technology can help you to find patterns from any kinds of data, we also provide service of data harvesting so any organization who need data from business intelligence can contact us.

  • Mobile Data Collection

    Mobile Data Collection

    At Open Knowledge Nepal, we believe in crowdsourcing and citizen-generated data as a power and future of data so to convert our belief, in reality. We provide services related to Mobile Data Collection by developing different kinds of Mobile application which can be used for online and offline data collection.

  • GeoSpatial Data Visualization

    GeoSpatial Data Visualization

    Visualization help users to understand all kinds of complex data and information easily. We can help you to create both static and interactive visualization for your project, website or report.