Liberating Knowledge for Opportunities

"A world where knowledge creates power for the many, not the few."


We bring together a diverse community, building a network of individuals and organisations, founded on key principles.

Open Knowledge Nepal is a non-profit civic tech organization comprised of openness aficionados. We believe that openness of data is powerful in order to have participatory government with civil society, eventually leading to sustainable development. The organization has been involved in research, advocacy, training, workshops and developing tools related to open knowledge. We also provide data services and solutions to various agencies and specialized in solving data related problems through consultation and tools development.

Our Service

Training and Capacity Building

We work to empower CSOs, journalists and citizens with the skills they need to use data effectively, through both online and in-person “learning through doing” workshops....

Specialized Technical Services

We help people to solve the technical, social and legal challenges of opening up data and are specialized in providing data-driven services and technical expertise....

Research, Analysis and Writing

We are one of the open data pioneers of Nepal and always ready explore new areas in depth, including developing principles and standards as part of our analysis....

“Today we find ourselves in the midst of an open data revolution”

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