Our Service


Training and Capacity Building

We work to empower civil society organisations, journalists and citizens with the
skills they need to use data effectively, through both online and in-person
“learning through doing” workshops. At Open Knowledge Nepal, we have a range of
training programs for governments, civil society and others to enable you and
your team gain the awareness and skills they need to understand, publish, and
benefit from open data. Our training programs are designed and delivered by our
team of open data experts with many years of experience creating, maintaining
and supporting open data projects.

We Run

Open Data Awareness Program

We visit different organizations and institutions all over Nepal to run series of sensitization events.

Data Trainings and Workshops

Based on our Open Data Curriculum and Manual we organize basic, intermediate, and core level workshop on working with data targeting audiences of different backgrounds.

We Create

We create

Domain specific custom courses, materials and wrangling guides related to data, e.g. data wrangling for spending data, or geo data, getting start with data visualization, cleaning and sorting Nepali data using OpenRefine etc. in collaboration with domain experts, which best suit your data-driven project or campaign.