Global Open Data Index 2015 is live now – Nepal ranked #61 this year

Nikesh Balami

Nikesh Balami


Thu Dec 10 2015

Open Knowledge International has published the Global Open Data Index 2015, showing that countries outside of Europe, the US & Canada have made some impressive gains in releasing key data. However, progress remains slow for most governments, who are still not providing key information in an accessible formats to be used, without restriction, by their citizens, civil societies, journalists and businesses.

The Global Open Data Index is the result of civil society collaboration to track the state of open data in countries and places around the world. This tool is used by some governments to set their open data priorities, and by civil society actors as an advocacy mechanism to encourage governments to improve their performance in releasing key datasets. The Index ranks countries based on the availability and accessibility of data in thirteen key categories, including government spending, election results, procurement, and pollution levels. We held a public consultation which saw contributions from individuals within the open data community as well as from key civil society organisations across an array of sectors. As a result of this, we expanded the 2015 Index to include procurement data, water quality data, land ownership data and weather data; we also removed transport timetables due to the difficulties faced when comparing transport system data globally.

infograph-globalopendataindexLast year in 2014 index our country Nepal was ranked #63 but this year we had made some improvements on our ranking. We are ranked #61 this year with 30% open percentage. This result show that our government is still running far behind in comparison with others country.

Please find more information from index page and you can check details about Nepal ranking from Index page of Nepal.