Highlighting the importance of Open Access & Open Research here at Nepal

Nikesh Balami

Nikesh Balami


Sun Dec 06 2015

Due to the ongoing crisis situation and political instability of the country, we were unable to celebrate Open Access Week 2015 like past years. so, because of this reason we planned to organize Open Access Workshop in collaboration with Open Access Nepal. The aim of an workshop was to discuss the importance of open access for student research, opportunities, capacity development and research trends.

For more Information about Workshop Schedule and Objective please visit event page: https://np.okfn.org/2015/11/30/open-access-workshop/

Event Day:

As expected, students of Bsc CSIT and engineering joined the workshop. Mr. Kshitiz Khanal, Open Science/Access working group team lead and Mr. Nikesh Balami, Open Government Data/Development working group team lead started the workshop by welcoming all participants & by congratulating Dr. Roshan Kumar Karn, Director of Open Access Nepal for wining Right to Research Coalition (R2RC) emerging leader award.


After the introductory session, Dr. Roshan Kumar Karn started his presentation on the topic “Open Access & Open Access Movements in Nepal”, were he talked about the importance of Open Access Publishing, its importance & also gave some introduction about his community “Open Access Nepal”.


Mr. Prakash Neupane was welcomed at stage after the presentation of Dr. Roshan. Mr. Neupane is ambassador of Open Knowledge Nepal and was giving presentation on the topic “Ongoing practices of research by student in Nepal”. To make workshop more interactive, Mr. Neupane wasn’t using any presentation slides & started his presentation by asking question with participant, “Why student so research?” He shared his experiences of doing research & also shared some ongoing practices with participants to provide them much needed motivation.

Mr. Chandan Goopta, Co-Founder of theOpinio entered the stage after Mr. Neupane presentation. Mr. Goopta is one of the young researcher & was giving presentation on the topic “Gaps in student research”. During his presentation he highlights the different stages of research where most students do mistakes and also told participants to learn more about the difference of Interest, Strengths and Goals to be successful researchers. He shares his experiences of doing research in Nepal & underlines some gaps which students need to care while doing research.


Last but not the least, Mr. Kshitiz Khanal was welcomed at stage for his presentation on the topic, “Tools and resources for students research” were he first highlights some facts on why people do research and shared bunch of resources with participants which they can use while doing research. He also discuss some about the ongoing research trends in Nepal.


After the completion of presentation session, Mr. Nikesh Balami thanked all participant for joining the workshop & everyone moved for refreshment break towards the canteen.