People needs all kinds of Data for Innovation: 2nd Data Hackers Meetup

Nikesh Balami

Nikesh Balami


Thu Jul 09 2015

Recently formed Developer Nepal (DN): Data Hackers Group organized their second edition of Data Meetup on the date of 8th July 2015 at Parewa Labs, Kupondole, Nepal. The main aim of the meetup and the group was to bring Data Hackers “Who plays lot’s on different kinds of Data and Programming Languages like Python & JavaScript” at one place to plan somethings innovative and to share their problem & ideas. The plan of Developer Nepal (DN): Data Hackers Group  member is to organize informal Data Meetups on the regular intervals of time so, that everyone can be regularly informed & updated with the hackers / developers of Nepal.

Entrepreneur of different Startups of Nepal joined the second edition of Data meetup, We the member of Open Knowledge Nepal also joined them so, that we can increase our contact with the Developer / Hackers of Nepal and can use their Knowledge for Open Knowledge Nepal upcoming projects. Our another aim of joining the meetup was to collect the views of the participant and know what kinds of data they currently are lacking and found difficult to collect.

At the event Punit Jajodia, Co-founder of Parewa Labs also shared his experience, how the lack of Data hampers their marketing plan of their project named and suggested all entrepreneurs participant to collect Data first while planning or executing somethings new because Data helps us to figure out your result at the very beginning. He also propose a project of collecting examination schedule data of different education sectors of Nepal and gave lots of advice regarding startup. Hope that project will start soon and we will also get chance of contributing cuz that project is going to be “Open By Default” so, that anyone from all around the world can use, reuse and redistribute it for their innovative ideas.

Meanwhile DN: KTMJS is also organizing their 2nd meetup at Leapfrog, Time: 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM, Date: 11 July 2015, where you will receive a chance to meet and learn lots about JavaScript (One of the widely used programming language for data analysis and visualization) form Nepali JavaScript Developers.
Interested Join Them:

javameetupHope in the coming future also we can see more event and meetup from Developer Nepal.