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Nikesh Balami

Nikesh Balami


Thu Jun 02 2016

Last week on the date of 28th May 2016, Open Knowledge International (OKI) announced the official name change through an announcement on the Blog and the Forum. An UK-registered organisation, which was previously known as Open Knowledge Foundation Network (OKFN) & Open Knowledge Foundation (OKF) now want everyone to denote and support them by using “Open Knowledge International (OKI)” as an official name for all kinds of events and activities. The changes will be implemented slowly and the planning to transition from the domain name is also going. If you would like to discuss this change of name, please join community forum – For revised logos please see and please contact if you have any questions about the use of this brand.

OK_LG_LOGO_NEPAL_RGBBeing the working group of Open Knowledge International in Nepal, We had already supported the change by removing “Foundation” from our social media pages (Facebook, Twitter) and we would also like to request all our collaborator, well wishers, supporters to use “Open Knowledge Nepal (OKN)” as an official name to denote the local community from now onwards for all kinds of events and activities. Since, we are planning to update the whole interface of our Local Group website by adding more features, tutorials and languages, we will make change on it slowly. Meanwhile if you have any suggestions please do join us for discussion “Open Knowledge Nepal Website Update”.

The upcoming project of our community like PublicBodies Nepal, MyLocalBudgets, Open Data Handbook Nepali Version, Nepal Open Data Index etc will be using new logo and new name from now onwards. The process of legally registering community under Nepal Government with name “Open Knowledge Nepal” will be started soon. If you want to contribute in community activities, we really appreciate you helping hands. Please do join community discussion forum –