Intervening local government’s data management with assistance from data fellows

- Open Knowledge Nepal | Thu Feb 15 2024

Recognizing the imperative to intervene in local government data management, Open Knowledge Nepal initiated the Local Government (LG) Data Fellowship for three municipalities: Birgunj Metropolitan City, Tulsipur Sub-Metropolitan City, and Lekbeshi Municipality. This blog delves into the specifics of Phase II of the LG Data Fellowship, which serves as a continuation of Phase I. During Learn more

Supporting Local Government for informed decision making – insights from LG Data Fellowship Program

- Open Knowledge Nepal | Mon Jul 17 2023

Data has become a powerful tool for decision-making and governance. Recognizing the importance of leveraging data for effective municipal management, Open Knowledge Nepal initiated the “Local Government (LG) Data Fellowship” program. The primary objective of the fellowship was to assist municipal bodies in digitizing their data and utilizing it for informed decision-making. As part of Learn more

How the charts tell us about COVID situation in Nepal: A brief data analysis from WHO Nepal’s weekly report

- Open Knowledge Nepal | Mon Jun 21 2021

Lives are being disrupted almost everywhere on this planet by the COVID, and we are witnessing it everyday –  since 2020. As of June 20, 2021, nearly four million have died of Coronavirus and 170 million others have been infected worldwide. Nepal, the world’s poorest nation with a population of nearly 30 million saw its Learn more

Shutting down real time data dashboard – Open Data Nepal portal

- Open Knowledge Nepal | Mon Jun 07 2021

In August 2019, seeing the growth in demand and use of real-time (which is presented as it is acquired and difficult to handle) and fresh (which is consistently accessible, up-to-date and immediately usable) data, we launched the real-time data dashboard for air pollution, river watch & fruits and vegetables price at integrated the dashboard into Learn more

Open Data Day 2021: Datathon in Tulsipur

- Nikesh Balami | Fri Mar 19 2021

On the occasion of the International Open Data Day (March 6, 2021), Open Knowledge Nepal organized a day-long ‘Datathon’ in Tulsipur Dang, where in-total 30 participants joined the event to learn about open data, its importance, and applications. The event was organized at Munal Pahuna Ghar, Tulsipur, Dang in partnership with the Tulsipur Sub-Metropolitan City Learn more