Announcement for Open Knowledge Foundation Nepal Meetup2

Prakash Neupani

Prakash Neupani


Wed Aug 21 2013


Open Knowledge Foundation Nepal meetup is an interaction event, where we gather an share/learn on certain topic. So that we can flourished the open data environment. This is the kind of networking program where people from different place gather and know each other.

For this time, we choose the topic “Right to Information

What is the status of Right to Information in Nepal?
How the Nepal Government has address it?
What is the way of implementation?
What is the basic meaning of Open Data and Open Access.
How the Open Data play significant role for strengthening and supporting Right to Information.
How can an individual and organization can support it?


Who will be there
People from Freedom Forum, lead organization working for, Right to Information, monitoring the state of press freedom and human rights abuses, democratic process and many more.

People from Open Nepal, collective effort of a coalition of organisations including Freedom Forum, NGO Federation of Nepal, Young Innovations and the aidinfo programme at Development Initiatives,that looks at catalysing and supporting an ecosystem around transparency and access to Information.

Join us:


GPA Building, Kamaladi

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