AOSC is finally in ground with the vision of openness

Prakash Neupani

Prakash Neupani


Thu Jun 20 2013

withteamThe principles, protocols and values of open definition and freedom philosophy is rising in Nepal, If we see the last few month in sum, we can visualized the great impact.

On the same track, new open source community born this month, they named it ACME Open Source Community (AOSC). Very energetic, passionate and red/hot blooded guys with black ti-shirt guys seems hurried and worried about the program. The program was the grand opening of community itself and at the same time they brought the idea of introducing different organizations in program. Among those organizations Open Knowledge Foundation Nepal (OKF Nepal) was one.

The hall was full of participants, some guys make their sit in front by adding additional chair, some were sitting in desk, some were stand at last, some were looking from out side the door, honestly the hall seems small to that mass. Another interesting, there were not just student who were participated, teachers and staffs were also there in program.

The program was not very formal, but they cleverly did everything, The first presentation was from openDRI Nepal, Dr. Nama Budhathoki was there for presenting on openstreetmap. His slide explain all the story including the idea how it start and how this is emerging, and more attractively he explain the benefits over other prosperity maps like google. And He showed what openDRI Nepal is doing upto yet in Nepal. He visualized the mapped data of 2210 schools and 157 health facilities that already mapped.

prakashneupaneSecond presentation slot was allocated for Open Knowledge Foundation Nepal, Prakash Neupane Ambassador of OKFN for Nepal was there to presentation. His presentation was entitled as “Empowering through Open Knowledge”, he started from Who are Open Knowledge Foundation, and lead them toward the term open,

A piece of data or content is open if anyone is free to use, reuse, and redistribute it — subject only, at most, to the requirement to attribute and/or sharealike.” –

 He showed how Open Knowledge promote openness using the 3 P, Protocols, Principles and Practices with some example ranging from, to He added how there open data help us for student, how can an individual can play role in national level.

 osacThird Presentation was from Wikimedia Nepal Community, Ganesh Poudel President of nepali community was there for giving presentation on wikipedia and wikimedia nepal.

 Last presentation was from OSAC, they share an experience how the idea of OSAC came out and how is thing going, what are obstacles and what are benefits for students.

groupinclass The whole program was full of spirit, the student had full of zeal for learning and seems very passionate on open source ….. I think this name ( ASOC ) will be the example of next pioneer in openness initiative for Nepal…..

This is possible just we need to unite and

Lets Make it Huge

Lets Make it Open


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