Corruption Perceptions Index 2013 in South Asia

Prakash Neupani

Prakash Neupani


Wed Dec 04 2013

Transparency International launched Corruption Perception Index of 2013 among 177 countries. The index scale from 0 [extremely corrupted] to 100 [very clean], and interesting none of country has achieved 100% and result stated majority of countries has scored less than 50. Most of the European countries has good position and top score (91) is also hold by Denmark and New Zealand . Mostly the low score has occurred by Asian and African Countries: Somalia, Afghanistan and North Korea are the lowest scorer with value of 8 in 177 Countries.

Here I am going to more focus on the situation of South Asia, unfortunately Maldives isn’t in list and We already knew Afghanistan’s situation is worst, beside it we will try to explore more about Bangladesh, Bhutwan, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka.
Here is the Ranking position of these countries:

Rank Country Score
1 Bhutan 63
2 Sri Lanka 37
3 India 36
4 Nepal 31
5 Pakistan 28
6 Bangladesh 27
7 Afghanistan 8


You may wonder to know, who has progressed much. Here is the data table:

Country 2013 Score 2012 SCORE Difference
Bhutan 63 63 0
Sri Lanka 37 40 -3
India 36 36 0
Nepal 31 27 4
Pakistan 28 27 1
Bangladesh 27 26 1
Afghanistan 8 8 0

If we checked the status of Nepal from 2009 to current, it seems Nepal has done some progress these years. 2010 and 2011 seems persistently poor.

The Next step toward being clean for Nepal should be comes from opening all the gates from government to their citizens to know what is happening. They should respect the right of people and should be more proactive information provider. Being Civil Society, Our mission will be make our Government to think about the “Open By Default” and prepare Nepal for Open Government Partnership.