[DM1]Data Meetup at Islington College

Prakash Neupani

Prakash Neupani


Wed Sep 04 2013

opendata partyData Meetup at Islington College
When: 9th September 2013
Location : Islington College

What is happening?
This is the first meetup for us and we are targeting to do Data Introductory Session which include general concept on data, The major objective of this meetup is getting more people interested to work on data rather than skills.

We are trying to cover the topics:
What is Data?
Finding Data?
Sort and Filter
Basic Analysis
From Data to Diagram
Getting Stories from Data
Spending Stories
Make Data Preety

Data: The Big Picture – Kshitiz Khanal
Scraping the Data – Manish Dangol
Spreadsheet Work: Sorting, Filtering and Visualizing – Prakash Neupane
Making Story from data- Kuber Chalise

Join us

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