Document Freedom Day 2013 in Nepal

Prakash Neupani

Prakash Neupani


Sat Mar 30 2013


It was the first formal program organized by OKFN Nepal.

OKFN Nepal with OSAC jointly organized the global event called Document Freedom Day in Nepal on 27th march 2013. The program was supported by FOSS Nepal and Central Department of Library and Information Science. We planned the venue for Amrit Campus, but due to some uncertainity we changed the venue to the venue of GPA Nepal. We started our program at 11:30.

Former Minister Ganesh Shah, Ministry of Science Technology and Environment welcomed all the participants and encourage us for these kind of movement for change. His speech once again motivated the youth of todayś.

Prakash Neupane, Ambassador of OKFN Nepal, presentaed on Document Freedom and Open Standard. He started by introducing about the Document Freedom Day, why this day celeberated, what is the motive. He discuss about the document open format and compatble issues and the problem. He presented about the open standard on documents, what it means to individual and and society.

After Prakash, Bhim Doj Shrestha head of Central Department of Library and Information Science presented Document Freedom and its Relevance in Libraries. He talked about the status of digital library practices in Nepal, obstacles and current problem of digitalizing the content. He talked about the different formats using in library and rises the issues of motivation for creaters/authors and technique to protect copyright/IPR of creator for making freedom of document format.

Demonstration on open Document tools had done by Utshab Bhetwal and Rajendra Sharma from OSAC, they demonstrate the Libre office and blue fish, and show what benefits of using this and how common for us, they encourage participate these tools for document freedom.

Finally Hempal Shrestha from FOSS Nepal, concluded the event.


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What other write about program:

Bhim Doj shrestha wrote this about praogram

On March 27 2013 , Document Freedom Day was celebrated at GPA Nepal, Kathmandu, Nepal. Last year in 2012, a small talk program on “Document Freedom Day 2012” was conducted at Kathmandu Valley Public Library by Bhim Dhoj Shrestha. This year “Document Freedom Day 2013” was coordinated by Prakash Neupane of Open Knowledge Foundation Nepal (OKFN) together organized jointly with Central Department of Library and Information Science, Tribhuwan University, OSAC and FOSS Nepal.
On the occasion Bhim Dhoj Shrestha, the Head of Central Department of Library and Information Science, Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal presented on “Documented freedom and its relevance in Libraries”. He talked about Libraries in Nepal Just started transforming to Digital Format from Print Format and very few Libraries in Nepal started building collection in Full Text in digital formats. He talked how Libraries are supposed to be largest storehouse, Users and Purchaser of Full Text in digital formats regarding eBooks. He also told that Libraries cannot acquire all different Companies e-book Readers which could be a great hindrance, and discussed about Double tier copyright or IPR?
Some of the eBook Readers are SoftBook, Sony Reader, Intel Reader, Apple iPad, Nook Reader, Kobo eReader, Kindle and So on. The hindrances in digitizing are Financial, Technical and Human Resources in the libraries in Nepal. He explained how If we could not free document formats (document freedom). It may be Dead-like technologies, e.g: micro-film, micro-fiche, Ultra-fiche, etc. Mr. Shrestha also cite an example of Asha Archives, where century old manuscripts have been digitized in McIntosh format before two decades and now problem of accessibility.
Former Minister for Science and Technology gave inaugural speech on importance of Document Freedom. The other speakers were Mr Prakash Neupane of OKFN on Document Freedom and Open Standard. Demonstration on Open Data Tools was done by Utshab Bhetuwal and Rajendra Sharma of Amrit Science Campus. Mr. Hempal Shrestha of FOSS Nepal concluded the program.


Utshab Bhetwal from OSAC wrote this about praogam

Every year , the last Wednesday of March is celebrated as Document Freedom day . It is a day for celebrating and raising awareness of Open Standards and formats.On this important date people who believe in fair access to communications technology teach, perform, and demonstrate.
Following this trend of celebration,for the first time in Nepal , this year Open knowledge foundation Nepal (OKFN) and OSAC combinely involved in celebration , organizing a program . The programme was based on presentation , talk and demonstration  on Open data , Open standards and Open data tools . GPA Nepal , Kamaladi was chosen as the venue for the event  which started sharply at 11 am .
Firstly Prakash Neupane (our Senior Brother) presented on Document freedom and open Standard . Secondly Bhim Doj Shrestha (Head central department of library and information science TU) presented on Document Freedom and its Relevance in Libraries . In the similar manner Hempal Shrestha from FOSS Nepal discussed on interrelation of Open source with the Open documents and open standards . Last but not the least , Utshab Bhetuwal and Rajendra Sharma  (members from OSAC ) presented and demonstrated on Open data tools (LibreOffice and Bluefish Editor)


Spandan Pradhan wrote about program:

On March 27 2013 , Document Freedom Day was celebrated in GPA Nepal, Kathmandu, Nepal. This was the first time a event on document freedom was organized in Nepal. Prakash Neupane as the ambassador of Open Knowledge Foundation Nepal (OKFN) together with OSAC organized this event which was supported by FOSS Nepal and Central Department of Library and Information Science (Tribhuwan University). Prakash Neupane started the event by calling Former minister Ganesh Shah on podium to give welcome speech. He as always gave a serious speech with fun filled environment. Remembering his youth days, he appreciated this effort of OKFN and today’s youth for initiative on Document Freedom. He recalled the days, when he as a youth wanted to open initiatives or group like this but it was hard at that time. Although his busy schedule, he managed time for this event.

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