2070 Nepal Election Seat Distribution.

Manish Dongol

Manish Dongol


Wed Dec 11 2013

Election is one of the most important part for all the citizen to develop the country. In Nepal, after dissolve of first Constitution essambley, second election was held in November 19, 2013. In which 3 major parties are in head to head voting competition to get more votes & seat in New Constitution Essambley i.e. Maoist, Congress and UML.

After election Open Knowledge foundation Nepal, decide to celebrate Open Election data week from 24th Nov to 30th. It was decided for a week because of large number of data and visualization. It took more days but finally we had completed our task.
This time (2070) more people voted in election but still large number of people didn’t register for vote like in 2064 election.
In this election social media was main key factor for getting result. In pre-election ‘bomb’ was the main topic to share and talk about in twitter, also ‘poll’ is on same level (Anil A., 2013).
While collecting the data from different source and getting result update, the part that i found interesting was candidate lost from below 100 votes. In which Candidate from Morang-4 Maoist Shiv Kumar Mandal won over Congress Candidate Gayananda Mandal with just 8 votes. At the end of election result, Congress was consider as the biggest party with 196 seats followed by U.M.L 175 seats, and Maoist 80 seats. Even though Maoist was biggest party in 2064 with 220 seats; but in between 2064-2070 Maoist cannot fullfill the public demand as well as for nation development which result the least vote of only 80 seats in 2070 election.
2070 election winner list.
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2064 election winner list.

2064 parties seat winning list
2064 parties seat winning list