Open Knowledge Foundation Nepal Meetup 1

Prakash Neupani

Prakash Neupani


Sun Jun 30 2013

After 4 months of establishment, Open Knowledge Foundation Nepal has started regular meetup in command to create environment to create, plan, discuss and share on Open Knowledge activities, products and programs, where the concern actors and stakeholders will be part of it.


Date: 28th June 2013

Venue: GPA Building , Kamaladi Kathmandu

The main agendas of meetup was:

1. Introduction of Open Knowledge Foundation, Projects, Local Groups and Working Groups

2. Open Definition? Open Data? Role of Open Data in Government.

3. How can Open Data useful for us.

4. Open Design

5. Open Science

6. Upcoming Plan and Possibilities.

1. Introduction of Open Knowledge Foundation, Projects, Local Groups and Working Groups

Prakash Neupane, Ambassador of Open Knowledge Foundation Nepal introduce Open Knowledge Foundation Network to participants. He shared the history of OKFN and the state of today. He tried to explain the term open knowledge and suggest participants to learn more from blog and site. He also explain about different OKFN projects like openspending, schoolofdata, publicdomainreview, cKan. He also introduced different working groups like open government, open science, open glam, open access and request participants to work in group as per an interest.

2. Open Definition? Open Data? Role of Open Data in Government.

First Prakash Neupane explain the term Open Definition and Open Data. After that every one started to discuss on it. They started to explore which data are open in nepal and which are only free. Participants are also started to point out the benefit of using open data as well as the drawback or shortcomings of open data.

3. How can Open Data useful for us.

In this point participants pinpoint the potential sectors where open data could be the right thing for service and for information delivery. Spandan Pradhan, explained how open data would be very beneficial for startup and entrepreneurs, Similarly Manish Dangol raised the need of open up the transport data. Kshitiz Khanal shared his experience, how he got problem while he asking some scientific data and research with NAST. Other participants were also mention the sector like health, education, agriculture should start to explore open data for national development.

4. Open Design

Rajesh Khadka presented on open design…. slide is attached here with.

5. Open Science

Nabin Kunwar explained the term open science, he shared the history of open science and benefits of having open science. He showed some video related it. He also mention how we can initiate open science in Nepal also.

6. Upcoming Plan and Possibilities.

This was the final agenda for meeting. Everyone put their view regarding coming plans and actions.

  • First everyone agreed to learn open data and it’s techniques from This will be group learning.
  • Decided to celebrate global event Open Spending Data Party in july 19-21, where july 19 and july designer and hackers will work for visualizing spending data of Kathmandu and in 21st OKF Nepal will organize interaction program for concerned CSO, Activist, Media and government entities where the result of 2 days will shown.
  • Looking for projects like Code4Nepal.



Prakash Neupane

Ksitiz Khanal

Manish Dangol

Spandan Pradhan

Pawan Shahi

Utshav Bhetwal


Rajendra Sharma

Rajesh Khadka

Sulabh Bhandari

Nabin Kunwar

Pallav Acharya

Slide of Open Design


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