Open Standard Workshop on Document Freedom Day in Nepal

Prakash Neupani

Prakash Neupani


Fri Apr 04 2014

DFD14First I like to recall my last year, where I heard the Document Freedom Day for first time. I thought, this is something that I as the techie can collaborate for change with others. That’s why last year We(OKF Nepal) co-organize with Central Department of Library Science with support of FOSS Nepal Community. I can’t say the impact of last program but the learning from last program, this year we able to make more organizations to come together for this Document Freedom Day. The main credit goes to Open Source Club of Kathmandu University and FOSS Nepal Community to organize this wonderful event, where other open communities like Open Knowledge Foundation Nepal, Mozilla Nepal Community, Wikimedians of Nepal and Central Department of Library Science Tribhuwan University were celebrating partner. Amazingly Department of IT, Ministry of Science Technology and Environment Government of Nepal support this event together with Kathmandu University. The event was entitled as “One Day workshop on Open Standard

The event was in building of Department of IT, IT Park Banepa. Participants were from different ministries, departments. Some were students, lecturers and civil society leaders. The program was semi formal, starting with the inauguration speech of Director General, DoIT. After it, Prabin and Subir from FOSS Nepal Community started to talk about Document Freedom Day, it’s history and objectives, they share some open standard implementations in different countries. Hempal from FOSS Nepal Community stated some free and open source licenses. Prakash, Ambassador of Open Knowledge Foundation Nepal showed one case example to share common issues in Government of Nepal’s website due to not implementing basic open standard, he also shared what can be the solutions of those issues. Bobby and Ashish jointly demonstrate the Libre Office. Manoj Shakya from Kathmandu University shared about the Latex. Manish jung Thapa from OLE shared some technical aspect of Open Web Standard. Mr. Bhim Dhoj from TU, presented on Librarian and Document Freedom He focued on custodians of knowledge and their role in promoting open standards. And Finally Rajesh from Kathamndu University intruced Moodle. We also had Q/A sessions where participants got chance to ask their quires

There were around 75 participants, which was really exciting and more than expectation. The event was more look like orientation of technology and training. So we think the event open the door to enter into the next level. Department of IT has committed to take this initiative in next level, so it help to maintain the common standard and obviously it will be open.