Open Data Day 2015 Kathmandu, Nepal

Nikesh Balami

Nikesh Balami


Mon Feb 16 2015

Open Data Day 2015 Kathmandu, Nepal

bannerBasic Information:-

Date: 21st February 2015

Time: 10 AM – 05:30 PM

Venue: mDevSolutions Office, Baluwatar, Kathmandu, Nepal. (opposite Subusi Head Office)

For Registration: Registration Close

Form More information please Contact: 9818338967 (Suraj Bohara), 9842437309 (Shubham Ghimire), 9841141276 (Sagar Ghimire), 9842430135 (Firoj Ghimire)

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*Please Bring Laptop and Multiplug if Possible*

What is Open Data Day?

Open Data Day is a gathering of citizens in cities around the world to write applications, liberate data, create visualizations and publish analyses using open public data to show support for and encourage the adoption of open data policies by the world’s local, regional and national governments. The goal to mark this event is team building among open communities and beginning a series of collaborative events for enhancing knowledge and awareness about the Free and open source software, open data, open content, and various open knowledge technologies.”

When it is going to happen?

This year Open Data Day is happening on 21st February 2015 and there are lot of activities being organized by lot of Tech Communities around the world. A day where hackers, data wranglers, computer geeks, students, open source lovers, journalists etc gathers and make some useful application with open data!!

Who are organizing it at Nepal?

Community who are working under the philosophy of openness and open source are once again going to organized Open Data Day at Nepal. Name of the communities who are leading associate of an events are: Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) Nepal Community, Open Knowledge Nepal, Mozilla Nepal, Wikimedia Nepal, Acme Open Source Community (AOSC), Open Source Ascol Circle (OSAC), CSIT Association of Nepal etc. Communities like Open Knowledge Nepal, Mozilla Nepal, Wikimedia Nepal and FOSS Nepal will be facilitating separate Data Hackathon, Scrapathon, MakerFest, Editathon and others communities will be helping to manage volunteers, participant and resources for an event.

Key Activities of a Day:

– Presentation Session

– Spending Data Party

– CKAN Localization

– Data Scrapathon

– MakerFest

– Editathon

– Community Discussion

What Open Knowledge Nepal & the team will be doing this year?

This year Open Knowledge Nepal is the core organizer of Open Data Day 2014 Kathmandu and the volunteer of Open Knowledge Nepal will be leading 3 important parts/team on that day. We will be running Spending Data Party, Data Scrapathon and CKAN Localization on that day.

# Spending Data Party:

On Spending Data Party we will be opening up budget, balance sheets and spending data of different cities to help citizens get a sense of where the money is being spent by the government. A group of data wranglers and visualization experts will be working to collect budget, spending, procurement and balance sheets of different districts of Nepal. They will be opening up all those data and will visualized them with the help of OpenSpending.

OpenSpending exists to “map the money worldwide” – that is, to track and analyze public financial information globally. It is a central, high-quality, open database of public financial information, including budgets, spending, balance sheets, procurement etc. The OpenSpending database is a resource for the many individuals and groups who wish to discuss and investigate public financial information, including journalists, academics, campaigners, and more.

# Data Scrapathon:

In Nepal, number of organization who publish their data in open format are very less. Maybe because of this reason we ranked on the position #63 at Global Open Data Index. By looking at this kinds of situation Open Knowledge Nepal had created one separate account for Nepal at DataHub, where we collect and keep data. On Data Scrapathon we will be scrapping data of different sectors weather it education, health, development etc and will be converting & filtering those data in open format. Later, all those data will be pushed at DataHub account of Nepal.

# CKAN Localization:

CKAN is a tool for making open data websites. (Think of a content management system like WordPress – but for data, instead of pages and blog posts.) It helps you manage and publish collections of data. It is used by national and local governments, research institutions, and other organizations who collect a lot of data. On CKAN Localization a group will be working to convert that open source data platform tool in Nepali Language.

Extra Session / Activities of a Day:

# Presentation Session

On this session leaders of different communities will be giving a presentation on the importance on openness and open source, why openness matters and what does openness really means?.

# MakerFest:

This team will be lead by the members of an Mozilla Nepal community. Participant will be working on the Mozilla Webmaker project named Popcorn, Thimble and X-Ray Google. They will be trying to integrate open data and Mozilla Webmaker.
Mozilla Webmaker help millions of people move from using the web to making the web. With new tools to use, projects to create, and events to join, we want to help the world increase their understanding of the web and take greater control of their online lives.

# Editathon:

Volunteer of an Wikimedia Nepal will be leading this part of an program. Participant will edit and add new article at Nepali Wikipedia. Unicode experts and Nepali Wikipedia frequently editor will be mentoring the participant. This will help to increase new article at Nepali Wikipedia.

# Community Discussion:

At the last hour of an event all communities leaders and participants will gather at hall, where Participant will showcase their outputs and suggestion will be given right away to them. Last year at Open Data Day 2013 celebration we launched Open Collaborative Community Consortium but the consortium is still inactive, we will be discuss more about how we can further run that consortium in an smooth way in coming future and what role can we together can play to develop the situation of Open Data in Nepal.

Event Schedule:



10:00AM – 10:30AM:

Registration / Check In

10:30AM – 11:00AM:

Tea & Networking

11:00AM – 11:30AM:

Presentation Session (Only for New Participant)

11:30AM – 11:50AM:

Group / Team Division

11:50AM – 12:00AM:

Moving Towards Respective Rooms

12:00AM – 03:00PM:

Working Hours

03:00PM – 03:30PM:

Lunch / Refreshment

03:00PM – 04:50PM:

Working / Finalizing Hours

04:50PM – 05:10PM:

Output Presentation

05:10PM – 05:30PM:

Community Discussion

05:30PM Onwards:

Goodbye Tea