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Nikesh Balami

Nikesh Balami


Mon Mar 10 2014

One the date of 22nd February 2014 during the celebration of Open Data Day 2014 kathmandu, Open Knowledge Foundation Network Nepal officially released the Beta version of

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Openspendingnepal is the group of volunteers who track down Nepal government Budgets, Spending, Balance Sheets, Procurement etc which will be Visualized with authentic source without any restriction to view from any corner of the world. This website main aim is to provide right information about budget to General Public whether it is spend correctly or not. If public found budget are spend unwisely or less in specific sector than they can comment in the website which will be later transfer to the specific government department. So, later in the budget they can manage their spending in proper way.

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In this Portal data will be Visualized in an easy way by using different kind of technique so that visitor (people) can understand the spending easily and They can also give feedback, Is the budget spent at their community is in the right way or not? Even if not then, any one can provide feedback right away.
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