Press Release : Document Freedom Day inspiring government for open standard

Prakash Neupani

Prakash Neupani


Wed Apr 02 2014

Together with the different open communities of Nepal, Kathmandu University Open Source Community and FOSS Nepal Community stand in the field to joins open standards supporters around the world in celebrating Document Freedom Day. In Nepal the event is marked as “One day Workshop on Open Standards” on 3rd April 2014 in IT Park, Dhulikhel . The event is supported by Department of IT, Ministry of Science Technology and Environment Government of Nepal and Kathmandu University. As the celebrating partner, Central Department of Library and Information Science (Tribhuvan University), Mozilla Nepal Community, Open Knowledge Foundation Nepal and Wikimedians of Nepal has joined in the team. The participants of the program will be IT focal persons from different ministries of Government of Nepal, faculty members from Kathmandu University and Tribhuvan University, some colleges, Librarians and and some ICT stakeholders from local community.
Document Freedom Day is an annual event “Celebrating information accessibility and raising awareness of Open Standards”. It is celebrated on the last Wednesday of March each year. This year it is on 26th March. In Nepal, We started celebrating Document Freedom Day (DFD) since 2008. Various community and organization believing in openness and sharing philosophy have been conducting trainings and workshops to mark this event. In Nepal , the program will focus on Document standards and its variations; technology which enables document freedom and presentations on some initiatives in Nepal. The participants will be asked to come with their own device if possible so they get maximum benefit.
The event will focus on introducing open standard and licensing, identifying the issues arise from current implementations, some fundamental demonstration of Libre Office, Familiarizing with Web standard, Wikibooks and Moodle.
Internationally, Document Freedom Day 2014 is facilitated by the Free Software Foundation Europe, and made possible by support from Google, Commons Machinery, and Freiheit Technologies. A report of all events will be published in April, collecting highlights and media from participating groups.

check the Agenda of Program here : Program Agenda