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Open Knowledge Nepal


Sun Jul 28 2019

Open Knowledge Nepal is delighted to launch the real-time data dashboard at Open Data Nepal portal. Open Data Nepal is a crowdsourced portal with comprehensive features to make data related to Nepal accessible online perpetually in a central hub. The main objective of the portal is to make data available in machine-readable formats with open licenses so that anyone can use, reuse and redistribute these data following the open data philosophy.

Over the past few years, Nepal has seen the growth in data demand and use. Today, the quickness with which information is delivered is crucial to citizens, government and enterprises. Data should provide insights into day to day operations, lives and help citizens make decisions about those operations, and then act accordingly. The value of real-time (which is presented as it is acquired and difficult to handle) and fresh (which is consistently accessible, up-to-date and immediately usable) data is even higher,  like gold value, stock market, currency exchange rate, weather, temperature, water flow, rainfall etc. It provides the flexibility to analyze it in real-time and trace the source to generate valuable insights.

The main objective of the dashboard is to open up and provide scattered data from a central hub. The intended project is just an initiative for pushing and archiving the real-time data generated by various sources of Nepal into Open Data Portal. The current version of the real-time data dashboard consists of the fresh and real-time data archive of three major government sources( | | The dashboard aims to encourage respective government bodies to adopt a new and innovative way of data dissemination.

The objectives of the project are

  • To provide the archive of fresh and real-time data of three major governmental source ( | | for everyone in a central hub.
  • To improve the quality of data sharing as these data are shared with structured, machine-readable formats.
  • To develop an interactive user-friendly dashboard of the fresh and real-time data related to air quality, hydrology, and prices of fruits & vegetables.
  • To provide data in structured, usable and machine-readable formats for efficient use.
  • To set an example of efficient data dissemination.
  • To increase the capacity of researchers and journalists to make better use of available open data for storytelling and analysis. 

The dashboard features includes 

  • Separate navigation menu named “Realtime Data” on Open Data Nepal portal.
  • Separate dashboard page for all three datasets of Air Quality, River Watch and Kalimati price which undergo inside real-time data navigation menu. 
  • On AQ dashboard page, station based visualization of real-time PM 2.5 with color level index. 
  • River Water Level dashboard contain geospatial station base visualization.
  • Fruits and Vegetables market dashboard have an interactive graph.
  • The dashboard contains following filter and download features.
    • User can download the datasets in CSV and XLSX  format.
    • User can download datasets by specific date and time.  
    • User can download dataset of specific station (AQ and hydrology river water level datasets).
    • User can download specific fruits and vegetables price by selecting the product type.

Please go through video tour to learn how to navigate the dashboard and write us at for more information and feedback.