AOSC is finally in ground with the vision of openness

- Prakash Neupani | Thu Jun 20 2013

The principles, protocols and values of open definition and freedom philosophy is rising in Nepal, If we see the last few month in sum, we can visualized the great impact. On the same track, new open source community born this month, they named it ACME Open Source Community (AOSC). Very energetic, passionate and red/hot blooded Learn more

Pernillan and Pudo with hackers in Nepal

- Prakash Neupani | Tue Jun 11 2013

Last week,  lot of events were happening on support to develop the open, transparency and accountability Nepal. World Bank had directly involved to organize Open Data Literacy Bootcamp and hackathon where the international organization, civic institution like Open Institute, Open AID Partnership, Development Gateway participated to make it better. Open Nepal has launched at the Learn more

South Asia and Neighbor Regional Meeting -1

- Prakash Neupani | Sun Jun 09 2013

We named this meeting as -1, because it was neither any planned/formal one or it was participated by majority. The idea of regional meeting was on discussion. Date: 9th June 2013, Participants Prakash Neupane, Open Knowledge Foundation Nepal Nurunnaby Chawdhury(Hasive), Open Knowledge Foundation, Bangladesh Major Agenda of Discussion was: Introduction Status of Open Knowledge Foundation Learn more

Editathon in Girls in ICT Day

- Prakash Neupani | Sat Apr 27 2013

On the auspicious occasion of International Girls in ICT Day, Open Knowledge Foundation Nepal and Wikimedia Nepal organized wiki editathon for girls in Sumway International Business School on 25th April 2013, 25 girls were participated and did some wiki edit things. To help inspire girls to adopt technology in their career and create a global Learn more

Document Freedom Day 2013 in Nepal

- Prakash Neupani | Sat Mar 30 2013

It was the first formal program organized by OKFN Nepal. OKFN Nepal with OSAC jointly organized the global event called Document Freedom Day in Nepal on 27th march 2013. The program was supported by FOSS Nepal and Central Department of Library and Information Science. We planned the venue for Amrit Campus, but due to some Learn more