OpenData presentation on 2nd ASCOL Open Expo 16 September 2013

- Manish Dongol | Mon Sep 23 2013

Open as free to use share and modify, OKF Nepal give presentation on topic OpenData & OpenSpending which was held on 2nd ASCOL Open Expo 16 September 2013. OpenData was presented by Prakash Neupane Ambassador for Open knowledge foundation Nepal and OpenSpending from Manish Dangol. Prakash Neupane start the presented with topic what is OpenData? Learn more

Report: [DM1] Data MeetUp at Islington College

- Kshitiz Khanal | Thu Sep 12 2013

Probably Nepal’s first ever Data Meetup was successfully conducted on September 09, 2013 at Islington College, Kamalpokhari, Kathmandu with around 30 participants. So, what is a Data Meetup? Data Meetup is simply a gathering of data enthusiasts, who are interested in data science, data journalism, data wrangling, data analysis, data visualization and other data works. Learn more

[DM1]Data Meetup at Islington College

- Prakash Neupani | Wed Sep 04 2013

Data Meetup at Islington College When: 9th September 2013 Location : Islington College What is happening? This is the first meetup for us and we are targeting to do Data Introductory Session which include general concept on data, The major objective of this meetup is getting more people interested to work on data rather than Learn more

Announcement for Open Knowledge Foundation Nepal Meetup2

- Prakash Neupani | Wed Aug 21 2013

Open Knowledge Foundation Nepal meetup is an interaction event, where we gather an share/learn on certain topic. So that we can flourished the open data environment. This is the kind of networking program where people from different place gather and know each other. For this time, we choose the topic “Right to Information” Objective: What Learn more

Kathmandu Metropolitan in City Spending Data Party

- Prakash Neupani | Wed Jul 24 2013

Kathmandu Metropolitan is largest city of Nepal, Most of the ministries, administrative office, country governing body, legislative entity, security force are in this city. So it is obvious to have the Kathmandu metropolitan in the highest interest of nation. Because of it, every year government has allocated big amount of budget for functioning it, beside Learn more