Education Freedom Day 2014 in Nepal

- Prakash Neupani | Fri Jan 10 2014

Education Freedom Day is a worldwide celebration of Free Software used in Education and Free Educational Resources. Launched in 2013 with its first celebration in 2014 by the same organization behind Software Freedom Day. It aims at educating the worldwide public and educators about the benefits of making and sharing free knowledge and the tools Learn more

Open Spending in Nepali Language

- Manish Dongol | Tue Dec 17 2013

Who doesn’t love to study in local lanaguage? In December 16, 2013 Open Knowledge Foundation one project Open Spending, put Nepali language to its website The people who cannot understand the English now easily understand about the Open Spending in Local Language i.e. Nepali. Even though still some sentences and words need to be Learn more

2070 Nepal Election Seat Distribution.

- Manish Dongol | Wed Dec 11 2013

Election is one of the most important part for all the citizen to develop the country. In Nepal, after dissolve of first Constitution essambley, second election was held in November 19, 2013. In which 3 major parties are in head to head voting competition to get more votes & seat in New Constitution Essambley i.e. Learn more

Voters Visualization On Open Election Data Week

- Nikesh Balami | Sat Dec 07 2013

A week long online event “Open Election Data Week” was successfully hosted in Nepal. An event was hosted from 24th Nov 2013 to 30th Nov 2013 and lot’s of contributors from the different places of Nepal contributed on different parts of Election Data online. In between different categories of Election Data, Voters Data was also Learn more

Corruption Perceptions Index 2013 in South Asia

- Prakash Neupani | Wed Dec 04 2013

Transparency International launched Corruption Perception Index of 2013 among 177 countries. The index scale from 0 [extremely corrupted] to 100 [very clean], and interesting none of country has achieved 100% and result stated majority of countries has scored less than 50. Most of the European countries has good position and top score (91) is also Learn more